the song in my life

heyho :) I just want a little talk about my favorite song. Singer named Musiq Soulchild. Real name is Taalib Johnson. He comes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. . Not much I know him, but I'm a bit knew his songs. The lyrics really touched my heart.

the song titled "if you leave me". I think this song tells of a man who arrogant character. He has a girlfriend whom he really love. Heavy to take it off and he was convinced that her lover was the best for him. But her boyfriend can not stand the his attitude. Her lover thinks that he can do best without him. Way of thinking between two different people.

lyrics of the song exactly the same as what I feel. I same as his character. the nature of someone's hard earned by others. become a perfect human being is not easy. but from the mistakes that have done will become a valuable lesson. it must be accepted slowly. because the nature of a person can not be equated with feeling. character can be disappointing, but the heart remains in one person. When we love someone who is very hard to forget, but he's hard to accept our character, we should correct ourselves. Because with it we can learn so much better.