Journalist Days 2011

Journalist Days is the largest annual series of events organized by the BOE UI. The series of events from his own days journalist begins with Pre Event in the form of articles and photography contest national level. Seminars and talk show is one of the main events that became the core event of the event Journalist Days 2011. Not only bring in expert journalism, but also we bring in professionals, actors and observers of the journalistic field.

Training, which is applicable journalistic activity of a series of events Journalist Days. Training provided by professionals from the media human homeland. Final event of many Journalist Days is a series of events: Observation Company. The introduction of the journalism world by directly reviewing the field into a leading media company.

Carrying the theme of the populist and actual journalism, Journalist months became a means for those who have experienced or not in the field of journalism to add to their repertoire of knowledge of science journalism. Journalist Operation Days this year is the ninth time.

Incidentally, I only follow the first seminar, because when I want to buy a ticket on the spot, it is up to the next day. It was Monday, April 11, 2011, at the Auditorium Soeria Atmadja UI. In the first session moderator is Bambang Harymurti (Director of Tempo Inti Media Tbk) and the speaker is Andreas Harsono (Investigative Journalists), Dhandy Dwi Laksono (Investigative Journalists) was presented on "Understanding The Basic of Investigative Reporting". The second session of the material on "Investigative Reporting and Ethical Code" that the speaker is Luke Luwarso (Observer Media), Metta Dharma Saputra (Reporters TEMPO), Reinhard Nainggolan (Journalist). And at the last event is the talk thrash about "An Overview of The White Collar Crime In Indonesia" by the speaker of Febridiansyah (Choir Division of Law & Justice Monitoring ICW), Arif Zulkifli (Executive Editor of TEMPO), Ade Armando (Observer Media). I really like this show. and I'll follow it again next year.

It may sound strange, I am a student majoring in multimedia has nothing to do about journalism.  In my collage haven't like "Mading Campus" or "PERSMA '(Student Press). I could probably be said of students who are very jealous of other students who studied journalism. Because my goal all the time is to become a journalist . Because of opposition from my parents, so I discouraged it.

I do not know how deeply science journalism, but little by little I learned from books or seminars. Since I have always thought that science is a flexible nature. And no one should oppose when we want to seek knowledge even if it has nothing to do with the field that we geluti.Dan I always remember the words of one Rene Suhardono is "Your job is not your career."