Work Hard, Play Hard

Really, I really like all the works of Tiesto. He is the greatest DJ, but I also like the others. The following is one of the works of these men who are still single that made me not get enough to listen. And he's very creative re meremix songs he had previously made. The title is "Work Hard, Play Hard", good lyrics, the music is great.

Maybe some of those assumptions Indonesia techno music is bad music in the glittering world. Perhaps many of those who think the music from the glitzy world that's not good. But according to me, not everyone is like that. It is only natural tendency of each person. I am proof. Very pleased, but still positive. Most of the time now, like any slang. Perhaps from that other people can misjudge.

Okay, just for you, please listen. From Tiesto with love. :*