Indonesia Social Travel Star "GRAND FINAL"

Taraa..... finally the long awaited time has arrived. Yihaaa .... still remember my previous post? If you do not know please read this one first ->

Yep... I want to tell you about this contest... Social Travel Star! December 11-12, 2012. I was very nervous when following this. how not? I had no preparation at all. Semua dikebut secara kilat. dan aku mempertanyakan tentang bahasa, haruskah fasih berbahasa inggris? Huhu... :/

When landing at pullmen hottel jakarta, you know what? I felt chills all over my body. sounds to much, but it's reality. Hotel Pullmen adalah salah satu hotel bintang lima yang ada di Jakarta. Desain arsitekturnya sangat keren. Apalagi, when i look the decoration! Wow... seni banget deh poko-e! Kalo ndak percaya, you can check alone! ^^

Dan inilah peserta 10pasang finalis yang terpilih di kontes Asia Room Social Travel Star 2012. Belum lengkap sih... ini lagi di ruang make-up. Siap-siap sebelum dimulainya kontes.
Feelings of nervousness was compounded by the first number. siaaal. huhu makin gugup pangkat tiga nih! And you know what? After advancing to the stage, soon I immediately rushed to the toilet, because of what? saya langsung merasa mual dan muntah. Karena situasi nya sangat dingin bo'. Itu AC saya rasa rusak, ada kale minus satu derajat! Zzzz (-__-)

What happened on the stage Grand Final? More or less you can check the following video in the upload directly from AsiaRooms Offical. In part I was only little. Poor me huhu .. on the other occasion I promise I'll be more prominent. hehe :D

Dan inilah suasana detik-detik kemerdekaan itu tiba.. to do point aja... I'm lose. 

Dan inilah pemenangnya... Adi Nigrat & Salfina (sebelah kiri dan kanan)
Lost? no problem. Since defeat is not the end of everything. In fact I was so grateful to God that I have been given the opportunity to go down to 10 finalists selected. Because being a journalist / reporter was my initial goals were buried in common other goals is to become a writer. At least I was given the opportunity by God, though only slightly. I AM VERY PLEASED. From here I can be a lot of experiences and make new friends who have outstanding communication!

Dear God, if I am given the opportunity I would love to. Yuhuu ...
Thank God you have to give something different at the end of the year 2012, a very good chance. At least I've tried than not at all.
And after this contest I even intend to proceed further tutoring english conversation category, I think it is very useful for the future. ^ ^