Steve Aoki

In this post I will tell you a little about one of the DJ's that lately my new favorite. Besides I was infatuated with Tiesto a few years ago, but since he rarely posted a live video of his concert, I began to glance at some of the other DJ's. Who is not familiar with David Guetta? I guess everyone else knew him. There are definitely some music you know it? Such as "Titanium". But this time it's not that I want to tell. hehe

But about Aoki ... Steve Aoki. Anyone of you who know about Steve Aoki? : p
At first I was shocked, because some DJs that are too hot in my ear just from the West, but apparently in Asia no less heat. I guess for now Tiesto's reputation has somewhat decreased, probably as you age. But the name of work, no one can beat Tiesto, I still like his music. Just might think, his reputation began to decline. : 'D

Okay, I'll start the story of my latest idol ... Steve Aoki.
Here it is ... Steve Aoki. What do you think of him?
Yes, from what we physically see her, she is asia, rather Jepan. Agree?
Her mother's father was originally from Japan. But Aoki was born in Miami, Florida on November 30, 1977. 

In 1996, Aoki founded his own label, Dim Mak Records. Not only that, in 2006, Steve and his sister, Devon Aoki opened The Dim Mak Collection. That's what made ​​me say ... WOW. Moreover, viewed from the background of his family are very active in working. I think there are some very interesting video clips. Look youthful, intelligent befriended, relaxed. The music is performed by fitting a combined surge and the vocals are good.

This is video clip from Steve Aoki! :D

Aoki also had a collaboration with DJ from Indonesia, who does not know "Angger Dimas"? hehe. According to data Angger Dimas now occupies # 1 DJ in Indonesia. :D
Now Aoki're touring around Asia. And the good news he'll be back come to Jakarta on 27 February 2013. I really wanted to watch her ​​perform. But ... I've got a plan in advance for backpacker with my friends. huhu so sad. 

But unfortunately, I do not like is some video footage of her and her style is like lifting illuminati symbol. Whether it's just my opinion or is it? What do you think about Steve Aoki?

So this time my story about Steve Aoki, hopefully to inspire you all. Thanks :)