Indonesia Independence Day 68th

Hello friends! I want to tell you about my experience in Indonesia's independence day. I had never thought I will enjoy independence day on the summit of the mountain. Because it sounded interesting so I decided to join.
This time it is not known as Mahameru or climb Rinjani. Because many people celebrated Independence Day in Mahameru so I didn't choose famous mountain. My friend recommend Mount Prau, Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java. Not too high, just 2,565mdpl. And Just hike most rapidly during the 2 hour. Sounds interesting and practical. So I was tempted to join my friends. We just four person, two women and two men. And we do not know each other close, it sounds weird but it made ​​me actually unique and not boring. At the station a bunch of people who use a lot of carrier bags, none other than they would want to go up the mountain as well. One of my friends including slang, he accidentally met his ascent to the same majors to Mount Prau, their entourage of BPI forum (BackPacker Indonesia) consists of five people, four men and one woman. And we decided to join.

At Purwakarta's Station
We set out on a night train, 22.30pm on August 16, 2013 by train to Purwakarta named "SaungGalih Lebaran", the train-fare business Rp. 50.000, - fairly cheap right? Because the promo tickets purchased end of July. 
Some of my friends suggested to take the bus because the majors Wonosobo closer to Dieng. We arrived at the Purwakarta Train Station at around 3.30am. Spliced ​​to ride public transportation to the Wonosobo terminal  pay around Rp. 37,000 / person. Purwakarta trip - Wonosobo takes about three hours. In Wonosobo terminal we immediately bought tickets to go home by bus between cities for August 18, 2013. We chose Damri's bus with a price of Rp 180,000 / person. Because our return date same along with "arus balik mudik" so we have to spend money more expensive. This is Indonesia! Hahaha

Some articel said, only need two hours you can get on the top Mount Prau. But in fact we need 3hours 22minutes to the top with many stop for rest. Oh God! Trek via Patak Benteng the heck is shorter but very steeper. But trek really very very very tiring to climb. 

                                 i just took all photo with my phone, thank you Samsung! ;)

And really, really tiring. Full of climbs and only a few ramps. We started we started to climb from 14:55 pm until 18.17pm, i think. Very beautiful scenery along the way when climbing. Apparently many climbers choose Mountain Prau to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. When we reached the peak of misty atmosphere, the temperature begins to cool. And some of the food being cold. Cooking oil to be frozen, wet tissue becomes dry, a damp tent, ribs and punctured with a sharp cold as that night. Might be expected to almost zero degrees Celsius temperature, because previously I read the news about the Dieng Plateau temperature when night temperatures reached zero degrees Celsius.

At night we could see the stars with the naked eye accompanied by the bright moonlight. It's remarkable. This is the moment that I'm waiting to see. Romantic! :')

And this is the moment that you wait for the morning ... sunrise! :3

Do you wanna try? :3