Hello guys! All postings are always preceded by greetings, how are you? I have not been writing. This year I was flaring. Though my zodiac says this year was a career year for me. But I feel this year is the year of entertainment for me because it is full of debauchery, traveling, and spending lots of money for sheer pleasure. This statement applies to this moment I'm writing. This year I started with the final challenge in college to pursue a Bachelor of Design. But somehow I feel like stranded to complete college education. Where my passion? I sampled all areas because I still find it confusing. And I feel lost when I handover the senate on campus. I feel so empty, I need to organize, I need the show, I'm happy to find a sponsor, I'm happy to communicate with new people, negotiate, create an event enjoyed by many people. Actually, therein lies the satisfaction. Maybe ... because now I just feel lost after high school since first working in the school organization.

I also like to sing with sweet words. I also love to write. I'm glad wished to make a story before bed. I love trying new things that other people might not like. I love to see the moon at night. I like beach sand. I love to travel. I love social media gives me money by playing. I like to draw. I love to learn animation. I love reading the words romantic and inspiring. I like to dance to the rhythm of music. I like yelling. I like that other people do not like, and I appreciate it.

So what to do?
Maybe God is telling me to think, act, and pray, and then try again, try again, again and again, then managed, successful, getting trials, rebuke, repent, tried to get up from the beginning again, again and again.

I like punctured when everyone is born with his or her passion. As for me? still dreamily at the age now. Was happy because you've found your true self. While you are likely to end up like me and have to try harder than Bobby! I envy like you, but I'm sure God has great plans for me, and I will not stop trying with what I like.

Get Will Soon!